Martello manages a broad range of asset classes, from commercial and residential rental properties, to heavy industrial, educational, and airport facilities. Our expertise lies in maximizing income and asset value, while also ensuring that your ownership experience is as painless and stress-free as possible.

We make it easy for you to take pride in ownership.

We do more than just lease your space and collect rent. We closely monitor performance and costs, conduct in-depth tenant screening, and ensure your building is maintained to the highest possible standard.

Retail, Industrial & Office Space

If you own or invest in any of these types of commercial property, your top priorities should be ensuring that the property is well-maintained and holding strong value within the market. This can include aesthetic upgrades to attract quality tenants and visitors, replacing and updating capital components and technology to reduce operating costs, and making sure that your rental rates are in line with market rates.

When you trust us with your property, we'll make sure that your asset performs to your investment expectations. We’ll have a dedicated Portfolio Manager work closely with you maximize your properties net operating income, manage tenant relationships, and ensure smooth operations.

Whatever your objectives may be, we'll create an action plan to exceed them.

Residential Rental

Tenant satisfaction, controlling operating costs, conducting property inspections and rental market assessments are only some of the ways that Martello can help you achieve your investment objectives.

For starters, each property will have a dedicated Building Operator to mitigate any issues and ensure that your property is well maintained. Available 24/7, you'll never have to worry about unexpected issues that may arise at inopportune times (like when your buildings power goes out completely on a Sunday night).

Secondly, we'll ensure that your property has the best quality tenants. We conduct due diligence on rental history, employment, and income/credit checks to procure quality tenants who will pay their rent on time, and handle all rent increases and applicable Residential Tenancy Branch filings as it relates to the tenancy.

And when the time comes for restoration or upgrades, we'll develop the action plan and take care of finding the best contractors who will best help to fulfill your vision. We recently developed a successful restoration plan for Douglas Lodge, an Iconic Heritage building on Granville & 12th. You can review the case study here.


Our team holds a broad range of skills and experience managing different asset classes, including educational facilities, heavy industrial and manufacturing facilities, small and large complexes, airport facilities, and other non-standard investment classes.

We also work on behalf of receivers or lenders who have foreclosed on commercial property loans and manage the asset through the transition period with the aim of maximizing value on sale, ensuring that any losses are mitigated.

Trusting Martello means trusting a team with decades of experience and a well-rounded understanding of the market and the industry.

5,000,000 +

Managed Sq. Ft.

120 +


50,000,000 +

Annual Budgets Managed

11,000 +

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