Trusted Real Estate Advisors

One of Western Canada's most trusted real estate advisory firms for over 25 years.

Who We Are

Martello is a Vancouver-based real estate management company that specializes in protecting and growing the value of private real estate investments through dependable advisory services and hands-on management. Our core business divisions are commercial and residential rental management, commercial insurance, strata management, and building operations.

Our Vision

Put simply, we want to maximize your time and the value of your assets. With our knowledge and expertise of the industry and the market, we’ll customize a solution to meet your needs and make owning real estate a stress free experience for you.

Our Strengths

Our staff specialize in the consultation of asset management and property management. You will have a dedicated Portfolio Manager every step of the way to ensure each solution is customized to fit your unique real estate needs.

Our Portfolio

We manage more than 5 million sq. ft. of floor space throughout British Columbia & Alberta, which includes strip and regional shopping centers, office buildings, residential rental buildings, large downtown complexes various strata properties, and industrial space.

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