Helping care for your building

Whether you’re in a large multi-level office building or a 3 story walk-up, all Martello managed buildings have certified mobile Building Operators to ensure that the property is being properly maintained. Our operators duties range from site perimeter checks and landscape monitoring, to looking after HVAC units and pressure washing as needed.

Operational Oversight

Walk site perimeter checks, routine and preventative maintenance and repairs on building systems, looking after HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, and various custodial jobs are only some of the daily duties performed by your building operator during his or her visit.

Additionally, our building operators are available 24/7 through the emergency phone number should any unexpected issues arise at inconvenient times (like a power outage on a Sunday night).

Project Management

If your property is in need of a roof replacement, a new HVAC system, or an elevator upgrade, our building operators can help you out with that. They'll not only make recommendations for improvements during inspection, but they'll scope through their network of contractors to obtain project estimates and quotes, while ensuring that the work is completed on time and within your budget.

Knowing what to expect in terms of budget and project duration can only be gained through experience. The same can be said for how to handle those unexpected surprises that often come up during these types of projects.

Preventative maintenance is always top of mind for us; we want to ensure that any issues are dealt with early on so that they don’t turn into larger, more costly problems in the future. With a detailed maintenance check program and frequent site visits, you’ll never have to worry that your property is not being prudently cared for.