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Commercial real estate comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a shopping mall, retail space, office tower, or industrial, Martello Group’s bespoke services cater to your asset’s needs for its investment maximization and care. As a family company founded in Vancouver, BC over 30 years ago, we’ve been through all the challenges of commercial real estate. We have creative vision and extensive knowledge of how best to manage your property for the long term.

Looking to invest in something or acquire further assets to grow your portfolio? Our team will combine their expertise to analyse, inquire, perform due diligence and report the best opportunities for you.

With our background on tenant relations, project management and full back-end support, you can enjoy the benefits of your investments worry free.

Are you experiencing a transfer of assets between generations? Complex joint ventures or transferring holdings can be complicated and emotional. There are many factors and issues that can come up with legal requirements, taxation, and building operations. Portfolio managers at Martello are well versed in the various requirements and can help to maintain a neutral third-party objective to provide the best solutions for your assets. Contact us to learn more.


Multifamily buildings come with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Our team of dedicated portfolio managers are experts in operations, rental placement, and tenant relations to help you maximize your investment. Martello prides itself on creating positive working relationships that results in uninterrupted income and reduces capital expenditures.

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Our hands-on approach takes a load off your mind.


Benefits of Commercial Property Management include:

  1. Customized Asset Management

    One size does not fit all, nor is one building or asset the same as the next.

  2. Tenant Relations and Retention

    Point of contact for your tenants. We develop strong relationships, improving tenant satisfaction and enforcing lease covenants when necessary.

  3. Portfolio Accounting and Reporting

    Lease admin, rent collection, operating cost reconciliations and the most comprehensive financial reporting and insured trust accounts.

  1. Streamlined Maintenance and Operations

    Dedicated team of experienced maintenance and operations to ensure contractors and construction is efficient.

  2. Revenue Optimization

    Your terms with each tenant greatly impact financial performance. Each Portfolio Manager is trained in negotiations.

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