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One For All

- Standing strong since 1988

We fundamentally believe that service excellence begins by treating each of our client’s properties as if they were our own. Our team of over 80 managers, accountants, administrators and building operators are deeply invested in their work, allowing us to create an unmatched level of service excellence.

Giving back is a core part of our values. We support a number of local charities and encourage our clients to support them as well. We are proud that over 75% of our clients contribute to charitable giving alongside us every year.

Our experienced team maintains infrastructure, builds relationships, protects assets and helps everyone thrive. From single residential homes to vast commercial complexes; from capital investment partnerships to building operations. We are expert in all of that. 

A trusted business partner. A friendly building manager. A reliable source of protection. An enduring tower of strength.

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Our hands-on approach takes a load off your mind.

Our Values

Building relationships since 1988.

  1. Independent spirit

    Being proudly independent means we can act with agility and on a more personal level.

  2. Service excellence

    Our customers (and their customers) are at the heart of everything we do. Impeccable service is our cornerstone.

  3. Ethical

    Honesty and integrity underpin our longevity. Our ethics extend beyond core business into our sustainable environmental strategies.

  1. Accessibility

    We’re easy to experience – a friendly, family business.

  2. Resilient and reliable

    We stand strong and face down the sort of challenges that cause others to waver.

"Our family has used Martello Property Services for over 20 years. They have helped in making some major decisions with respect to capital building improvements, leasing, and finances. Financial and operational reporting is easy to understand and they have always been able to customize their service offerings based on our property needs."

Wiebke and Stephanie

"We partnered with Martello on a very challenging residential project and they have done an excellent job for us. "

Deecorp Properties Ltd.

"Martello's team has provided exceptional property management services tailored to our objectives and expectations. Their work processes and reports are organized and implemented in a professional way and they are always attentive and responsive to unexpected events and owner's questions in a timely manner. Working with Warren and Christian has been excellent experience thus far."

Kevin C, Kingborn Properties

"One year after purchasing and handing over my first multifamily rental building to Martello, I have acquired more properties and have trusted them to manage my multifamily investment portfolio."

S.Chen, Multifamily Investor

"Martello has provided outstanding Property and Facilities Management services to Columbia College since our new Vancouver campus opened in April 2013. They understood the needs of our building and occupants from day one; over the years their services have been consistently and competently provided in a professional and friendly manner. We look forward to continuing to work with Martello for many years to come."

Dr. B. Louie, Columbia College

"Martello has been our strategic partner since the 1990s and they have done an outstanding job in creating value for our investors and acting in our best interest."

Argo Ventures Real Estate Syndicator