Strata Management

Managing Your Strata

We know that Strata is complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Our primary objective is to help guide council members through the complexities of running today’s mixed-use, residential, and commercial strata corporations, all while ensuring strata's are in compliance with the strata property act.

Our Services

Strata administration, fee collection, bylaw management & enforcement, site maintenance & inspection, and financial management are among the many services we offer. Whatever your needs may be, we’ll work one-on-one with you to satisfy your unique requirements.

The Martello Difference

We provide a full suite of dependable and cost effective services. Our Strata Managers are highly experienced and are focused on providing customized solutions to help maintain the quality of your living environment and ensure your biggest investment is protected.

What Our Clients Say

I have been corresponding with Heidi at Martello on a regular basis since I have been on the council, and she has been nothing short of professional, collaborative, helpful, and timely with her communication. Heidi’s attention to detail, management of processes and ability to navigate the balance between objectivity and sound advice is at the highest level of excellence. She has a unique ability to prioritize, ensure proper management of our community and at times guide council’s and owners understanding with the utmost professional and considerate tone. We look forward to working with her towards our continued success of managing our community.

Nathan Pink, Strata President - Chalet Court

Administrative Services

  • Maintaining strata records: owner & resident lists, contact information, parking and storage assignments, etc.
  • Prepare sales documentation
  • Collections of outstanding balances on accounts, including but not limited to legal filings of strata property act, form g liens, etc.
  • Preparing liability agreements for suite alterations
  • Preparing rental agreements for parking stalls and storage lockers
  • Handling resident complaints, i.e. preparing bylaw infraction notifications and complaint receipt notifications

Managerial Services

  • Negotiating service contracts
  • Arranging for insurance coverage
  • Explaining the requirements or limitations under various legislation's that governs how the strata corporations run, such as the Strata Property Act and the Personal information and Privacy Act
  • Organizing and attending annual general meetings and special general meetings
  • Reviewing with and directing council on requested suite alterations
  • Reviewing and advising council on options for handling complaints, problem residents, etc.

Accounting Services

  • Banking
  • Collecting strata fees, special levy’s, fines, interest and late charges, and NSF Fees
  • Managing all accounts payable
  • Preparing operating statements for both public and council use
  • Preparing Year-end financial statements for the strata council
  • Budget preparation in cooperation with the strata council

For more information or if you have any questions, please review our Strata FAQ page here.

Residential Strata's

Residential Strata's are often referred to as condos and include the following elements:

Individually owned apartments

Individually owned townhouses

Individually owned bare land zones for residential use

Any combination of the above

Residential Strata’s can also include amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and other spaces that are owned and shared by the owners of the individual units. They are also referred to as common property or limited common property.

Considerations: Because these buildings deal with individuals (rather than businesses), strict adherence to the Strata Property Act and Personal Information & Privacy Act is essential. Additionally, depending on the building and the bylaws, a residential strata building that allows rentals must ensure that they are in compliance with the Residential Tenancy Act.

When all these pieces fall into place, you’ll have happy residents and strata councils.

Mixed-use Strata's

Any combination of commercial and residential are classified as a mixed-use strata

As our city continues to grow

There is increased demand to develop upwards instead of outwards. As such, mixed-use Stratas are becoming more common and can be as simple as a building with retail spaces on the ground floor, or as complex as ground floor retail with several floors of office space, rental apartments, condos, and amenities.

Knowing how to run a building of this type

Requires a well-rounded knowledge base of real estate legislation, which includes a thorough understanding of the Strata Property Act, The Residential Property Act, and the Personal Information and Privacy Act which regulates the duties and obligations expected of an elected strata council.

Commercial Strata's

Commercial strata properties can be divided into 4 categories:

Office buildings

Industrial/warehouse space

Retail/restaurant space

Any combination of the above

Considerations: This type of Strata has a different set of requirements, especially when it comes to tax reporting. While Strata corporations are generally tax exempt, commercial owners are required to report included tax amounts payable to the Strata Corporation. Additionally, maintenance, permits, licensing, and insurance requirements are generally more extensive with these types of strata.

How we can help: Our core business is commercial, so we have a thorough understanding of the various aspects of commercial real estate and how they coincide with the Strata Property Act. Having an experienced Manager will not only save the Strata Corporation time and money, but will ultimately relieve the strata council of the stress and burden of staying on top of these requirements.