Better Services, Better Management

Martello manages commercial property investments for private investors, corporate owners and syndicators. Our clients benefit from our highly specialized, dependable and fiduciary portfolio managers, creating headache free ownership. With creativity and vision, we create truly unique strategies maximizing property value to reach our clients long term goals.

Property and Portfolio Management

Our Property Management services focus on enhancing the value of our clients’ real estate assets through innovative management solutions. We offer commercial property owners flexible and customized packages to meet the highest standard of care and attention to the asset or portfolio. We focus on implementing strategies that increase cash flow and streamline operations creating pride of ownership.


We are the point of contact for your tenants and focus on building strong working relationships, improving tenant satisfaction and enforcing lease covenants when necessary. Creating positive working relationships results in uninterrupted income and reduces capital expenditures, which in turn contributes to maintaining and enhancing property value.


Martello clients benefit from the most comprehensive financial reporting package in the industry, prepared by our teams of CPAs, CGAs and trained accountants to audit standards. Each client trust account's cash is CDIC insured and audited annually by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Martello clients can rest assured that their cash is prudently managed at all times.

Project Management

Our in house project managers have demonstrated skill in managing construction of all sizes. Everything from the smallest preventative maintenance jobs to roof replacement or mechanical upgrades to large scale multi-year construction projects.

Lease Administration

We use sophisticated systems ensuring timely collection of rent in addition to budget implementation, tracking lease terms and managing annual operating cost reconciliations.


Aside from location, the terms negotiated with each tenant have the largest impact on the financial performance of a property. That's why each Portfolio Manager is trained in negotiations and has in depth market knowledge to get each client the best terms during renewals.

Consulting and Other Services

With three decades of expertise managing all types of real estate, we utilize our knowledge to the benefit of our clients, whatever their needs may be.


Our approach to due diligence, different than most, is to analyze the property from a strategic perspective rather than a purely physical perspective. We work with experts in mechanical, structural and environmental fields and combine their findings

Lease Analysis

We work with property owners during a lease negotiation or planning phase to act as a sounding board and sober second thought for the terms being negotiated and identify any potential risks in the lease form.

Tenant Representation

We have a long track record in representing both tenants and landlords and therefore understand what motivates each side when it comes to negotiations.

Disposition Preparations and Facilitation

Martello works with owners to improve operating performance prior to a planned sale in order to maximize cash flow and to assist brokers during the sale process, maximizing sale price.

Core services of Martello

Building Operations

Having qualified, dependable staff maintaining each property is one of the most important parts of managing your property. We employ fully trained building operators that have proven experience maintaining properties and working directly with contractors, tenants and owners. Your property will always be in good hands.

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Facility Management

Our experienced professionals work with building owners to develop a comprehensive program to manage their facilities so they can focus on their core business activities. We provide a platform of operational excellence and decision-making support that drives cost-reduction, improves quality of service and enhances asset planning.

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Insurance Brokerage

We are proud to be the only professional real estate group in Western Canada with an affiliated insurance brokerage. With over 1 billion of insured property values, the size of our insurance portfolio allows us to deliver significant premium savings and coverage enhancements.

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Strata Management

Navigating this increasingly complex and legalistic ownership structure is a challenge for even the most seasoned real estate owner and strata council. Since 1992, We've been managing both residential and commercial strata's to the benefit of owners and investors alike.

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