Heritage Building Regains Marquee Status
Retrofit Construction Project Raises Property Value by $1 million


Douglas Lodge is a part of the iconic Vancouver landscape; built in 1912 on the corner of Granville and 12th, it gained its historical status in 1980. Throughout the years the building was deteriorating and losing its appeal, no longer attracting the high end tenants who had once called it home. New owners took over this historic building with a vision of returning Douglas Lodge to its former glory. Martello was brought in as both property and project manager to help the owners achieve their vision.


Martello began by doing a full evaluation of the building's existing interior and exterior conditions. Finding contractors with a passion for heritage construction projects and a demonstrated detail oriented work history was an absolute must. The exterior and interior were to be preserved in its original likeness because of the buildings heritage status and these were the main areas of concern for the rehabilitation project.

Working with architects and engineers, a plan was developed to refurbish the building. The plan called for fixing the decorative cornice, replacing the entire lower facade of the building, and refurbishing the worn interior in addition to many other details. Stone from the original quarry in Europe had to be shipped in to meet the strict heritage requirements.


After an arduous two-year restoration process, the owner's vision was achieved. Rental rates at the property increased by over 40% and the building has re-established its marquee status. Douglas Lodge now has an extensive wait list of enthusiastic tenants wanting to be a part of this truly unique living experience.