Strata Owner Resources

Transitioning into Strata living can be exciting, but it doesn't come without questions. Check out our list of the most commonly asked questions by new strata owners.


While every buildings fees cover different items, strata fees are generally the operating costs for the entire complex split by proportional share among all owners. This includes items such as: electricity for common areas, gas consumption for common areas, landscaping, garbage removal, building maintenance, janitorial work, building insurance, etc.
You have two options for paying your strata fees: a post-dated cheque or by pre-authorized debit. To set up pre-authorized debit, you need to complete a pre-authorized debit agreement and submit it to our office with a void cheque or certified banking information. This should be done at least 10 business days prior to the commencement date. You can find the agreement in the owners portal.
Strata fees take precedence over mortgages. If you do not pay, the strata corporation has the right to file a lien against the title of your property and if necessary, file for forced foreclosure proceedings with the courts.
All owners are provided with copies of their bylaws at the time of purchase as well as updates as they are approved. If you have not kept them you must order and pay for additional copies through the Owners Portal, which you can access on the Martello home page under the divisions tab.
Yes! To obtain permission please submit a detailed outline of the changes you would like to make to your Strata Manager. Management will review this with the council and provide you with details on the approval and any requirements of the approval.
A copy of the most recent certificate of insurance is included in the AGM notice package. If you require an additional copy you can order and pay for this through the "Order Documents - Strata Owners" website under the divisions tab.
All in-suite repairs are the unit owner’s responsibilities.
You can obtain these documents from the owners portal, which you can access on the Martello home page under the divisions tab.
You must provide a completed form K: notice of tenants undertaking, along with your non-resident mailing address within 2 weeks of the commencement of tenancy. Blank form Ks are available through the owner’s portal, as well as owners contact information sheets. Owners can also update their own mailing address and contact info through the owner’s portal.
Submit certified bank account information to your Strata Administrator advising that you would like to change your account at least 10 full business days prior to its effective date.
All parking and storage assignments can be viewed on your home screen through the owner’s portal.

Strata Living

As your Property Manager, our goal is to make Strata living a smooth venture for you. When you first move in you will be provided with a comprehensive welcome package; please ensure you read through this package as it will answer many of the questions listed here and contains additional resources such as:

  • Condominium living guide
  • Building rules and bylaws
  • Emergency contact information form
  • Fob request forms
  • Enterphone programming request
  • Information on our online services
  • Pet registration (only specific to pet friendly buildings)
  • Social room booking procedures (for specific buildings)
  • Pre-authorized debit form
  • Any other forms and resources pertaining to your strata


Have any other questions? Please contact us at 604 681 6544.