Supporting Our Communities

Charitable giving has always been at the forefront of Martello’s mandate and 2016 was no different. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank sent out a public plea this past September in their first ever emergency fundraiser. Their shelves were nearly empty and they were having trouble providing adequate amounts of food to their clients. As well as the lack of food, they also saw a significant rise in children using their services. We know there can be detrimental, long lasting effects on a child when they do not have the proper nutrition, therefore affecting the success and prosperity of future generations in our community. 

As such, we redirected our charitable giving efforts to support the food bank in their time of need. For the entire month of November we rallied our staff, clients and contractors to come together to raise awareness, funds and food for the food bank. Our goal was to raise enough donations to fill one Martello service vehicle. We had an overwhelming and exceeded our original goal and raised approximately 3000 pounds of food and $13,000 in monetary donations. The food bank has tremendous buying power and that $13,000 raised turned into nearly $40,000 worth of food! 

CityTV heard about our fundraising efforts and asked us to take part in Breakfast Television’s annual Food Bank Friday. We presented our donations directly to the food bank on aircheck out the segment here. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and worked with us in building strong and healthy communities for future generations.