Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday

This past Friday, our Vancouver office celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday with a good ol' fashioned Canadian scavenger hunt and a Pizza party! (Yes, we know Pizza isn’t Canadian, but it’s delicious, isn’t it?)

Canadian-themed items like: Michael Bublè CDS, Canadian Pennies, stuffed bears, and maple leaf mittens, were hidden around the office for the three teams to find as quickly as possible. Note: there was not 3 of everything.

Next, we sent them outside to take selfies in front of historically Canadian buildings and/or companies. Canada Place was the top selfie spot for each team, with Tim Hortons being a favoured second choice.

Lastly, the teams raced through a word search and some trivia questions, most finding all but one or two words.

While all three teams made a valiant effort, Team #3 took the title as the Champions of the Martello Canada Day Scavenger hunt. Team #1 came in close second, trailing behind Team #3 by only 2 points. But at the end of it all, the 3 teams banded together to polish off all the pizzas, thus showing us their true team-working abilities. Congratulations to all!

From all of us here at Martello, we hope you had a wonderful and safe Canada Day long weekend. Happy 150 Canada!