Since 1998, Martello has been creating trouble free real estate ownership experiences for families and investors throughout Metro Vancouver and Alberta. Our collaborative method of managing client’s assets allows us to provide the highest level of advisory services customized to each client’s individual needs.

Assisting with the transfer of assets between generations, reducing familial conflicts, and improving financial performance are just some of the ways in which our experienced Portfolio Managers can assist you.

Family Matters

When family members come together in joint ventures, emotions can interfere with decision making. Additionally, there are a number of things that parents should prepare for when passing their holdings on to their children, such as transferring knowledge of complex lease agreements, maintenance matters, and whether their children are even interested in taking on their parent's real estate portfolio.

In even the most complex situations, experienced Portfolio Managers can help your family navigate through the various duties and decision required to effectively manage their real estate investments. They can maintain a non-partisan, neutral and objective perspective of the tasks at hand and provide an unbiased opinion on the best course of action to help meet your family's needs.

Through our ongoing involvement and seamless management of assets, we can help relieve your family members of unwanted individual responsibility and help position your assets for future success.


You understand the many benefits of investing in real estate, but knowing how to maximize the value and return on your investment can be a complex and daunting task.

Additionally, knowing how to effectively manage your properties can be time consuming and expensive if not familiar with the inner workings of various legislative requirements such as the Commercial Tenancy Act, The Residential Tenancy Act, Income tax reporting requirements, and mandatory maintenance requirements. Fortunately, we know these requirements like the back of our hand.

Our Portfolio Managers think like owners and will oversee all aspects of your real estate. From lease administration to ongoing maintenance and insurance requirements, they'll ensure all operational features are in compliance with the most up-to-date regulations, thus reducing, if not eliminating the challenges of owning commercial real estate.

Working with us means that you'll be stress free and have more free time to work on other investments to grow your holdings or to travel and enjoy time with your family. You can comfortably do so knowing that your asset is in good hands.

Corporations & Syndicates

You recognize the value in real property as both an inflation hedge and potential profit center. The next step is determining a strategic vision for your asset to ensure it’s being prudently managed and meeting all legislation and financial reporting requirements.

Our management professionals constantly stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the market and how location, demographic and economic trends can influence your property. They'll inform you on how a down market could affect your rentals, if your property is located in an area that has an oversupply issue, or if there are any upcoming developments in the neighborhood that could affect your rental capabilities.

Through our hands-on approach and focus on value creation, our clients have been able to benefit from an average increase of 10% in net operating income within the first year of working with us.


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