3 decades, 3 owners, 1 Property Management Company
The Importance of Preventative Maintenance


In 1980, a unique building was resurrected along the side of a hill. Using the hill as a guide during the construction process, the facility was set into two structures. The first wood building was cascading down the slope of the land with a cement parkade underneath it. The second structure was a bit higher up on the hill, which had a large outdoor patio and beautiful views of the mountain and surrounding area.

Just ten years after the facility was built, the landlord put it up for sale and Martello was asked to do the due diligence for the new potential owners. After our thorough investigation of the building and the surrounding area, the potential owner bought the land and asked us to manage the property.

Our first goal for the new client was to create a preventative building maintenance plan to keep costs of the building at a minimum as well as ensure that the building be well maintained and in good working order. There was general wear and tear on the building, so we wanted to fix this immediately.


As the building aged closer to 20 years old, it came time for the roof to be replaced. The Building Operator on this property had been inspecting it on a regular basis and suggested to replace the roof when he noticed significant wear. If not replaced, it would have created major issues for the wood structure, possibly costing the landlord significantly more money. After the roof was fixed, the landlord felt it was time to sell this asset and asked us to help with the negotiations and sale of this property. Shortly after the initial decision, we signed an agreement with a new landlord.

The new landlord was presented with an in-depth analysis of what had been done to the building throughout the last 10 years, and after considerable discussions, we put forward a new plan that aligned with the new landlords’ budget and expectations.


Over the last 23 years, the building has changed ownership 3 times, but we’ve continued to manage the property through each transition. With each owner, we’ve worked one-on-one with them to customize a solution to meet their needs within their budget.

All commercial properties, whether new or aged, require extensive preventative maintenance plans and an attentive Building Operator to monitor and mitigate any issues. Doing so will ensure that the building stays in good working order, and possibly help avoid costly future repairs.